Sun Chun

Translated Description:

Impulsive Vagrant






Shu Army

First Appearance:

Chaos of the Three Kingdoms

First Playable:

Chaos of the Three Kingdoms

Sun Chun is a character that was introduced in the first game of Chaos of the Three Kingdoms. He is the runaway son of the ambassador Sun Qian that joined the Shu Kingdom after he rescued Liu Bei and her officers at from a rampaging Dark Lord Cao Cao at Chang Ban.


Sun Chun is depicted as the cocky and free minded son of the Shu Kingdom's ambassador Sun Qian who ran away from home after being fed up with his father's strict nature. He decided to live a life as a member of Black Mountain Bandits and thinks of them as if they were family to him. But his close relationship with his comrades didn't last long as they one day got caught up in a brutal conflict against Yuan Shao's massive army. The Black Mountain Bandits were overpowered and slaughter one by one by Yuan Shao's troops, Sun Chun however, survived the ordeal and fled but was heartbroken that he lost the closest thing he had to a family. After the occurance, Sun Chun spent his days of wandering until he came across the Wei army rampaging their way at Chang Ban to attack a faltering Liu Bei and her sworn brothers as they were trying to help the innocent peasants escape from the murderous Wei troops. Sun Chun decides to throw away his life of thievery and rushed to the battlefield, taking out many Wei soldiers in his path and helps Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and the villagers escape from harm's way. Because of his bravely he displayed, the Shu empress shows a debt of gratitude to Sun Chun and allowed him to join Shu Kingdom. Now as officer of Shu, Sun Chun fights alongside the heroes in many battles in order to do his part in bringing peace and happiness to Ancient China.


Instant Threshold

  • First Appearance: Chaos of the Three Kingdoms
  • Description: Sun Chun slides forward and performs an acrobatic leap while blasting enemy soldiers point blank with a triple volley. Darkness Elemental.

Memorial For A Lost Comrade

  • First Appearance: Chaos of the Three Kingdoms
  • Description: Sun Chun fires an arrow that causes a smokescreen in front of enemy soldiers and catches them off guard with a powerful dropkick. Darkness Elemental.

The Netherworld Must Scream

  • First Appearance: Chaos of the Three Kingdoms
  • Description: Sun Chun unleashes a flechette of arrows that will skewer enemies soldiers and causing their souls to leave their bodies, allowing Sun Chun to absorb them for health points. Darkness Elemental.

Valor Attack: The Wanderer Searches For Jubilation

  • First Appearance: Chaos of the Three Kingdoms
  • Description: Sun Chun leaps in the air and rotates in a 360° motion while rapidly fires a series of homing arrows at enemy soldiers before firing an arrow that creates a massive trailing shock wave on the ground as it proceeds to rip apart any enemy soldier that comes into contact with it. Darkness Elemental.