Ken Shin

Translated Description:

Swashbuckler in Training


Taito Knives




Wu Army

First Appearance:

Chaos of the Three Kingdoms

First Playable:

Chaos of the Three Kingdoms

Ken Shin is a character who first appeared on the first game of Chaos of the Three Kingdoms. He is a japanese pirate who admires Gan Ning which prompts him to join the Wu Kingdom alongside the latter.


Born in Okinawa, Japan, Ken Shin belongs to a family of japanese pirates who goes on adventures, collecting and trading in treasure from every country they go to. One day however, Ken Shin and his family has ran afoul with the Wei army led by Xiahou Dun when they reached the surface border of China. Outnumbered and caught of guard, the Wei army slaughtered the japanese pirates one by one, leaving Ken Shin as the only survivor. With no where else to go, Ken Shin wandered alone in Jing Province for a few months until he suddenly encounters Gan Ning who saves him from being attacked by Wei soldiers led by Xiahou Yuan who were hot on his tail. After the struggle, Ken Shin became indebted to Gan Ning which led the two of them to become friends. They later join the Wu Kingdom and fought side by side against the armies of Wei and Shu in many battles. Ken Shin's new life as a Wu officer has just begun.


Ravishing Vagrant

  • First Appearance: Chaos of the Three Kingdoms
  • Description: Ken Shin jumps forward to unleash an 360 angle flying kick towards enemy soldiers. Lightning Elemental.

Matchless Spirit Against The Tsunami

  • First Appearance: Chaos of the Three Kingdoms
  • Description: Ken Shin unleashes huge blades of electricity while spinning in the air which both juggles and electrocute enemy soldiers. Lightning Elemental.

Impulsiveness Of An Raging Ocean

  • First Appearance: Chaos of the Three Kingdoms
  • Description: Ken Shin folds his arms and turns his back on enemy soldiers. If they attack him, He will perform a rushing 8 hit combo that will send them flying forward. Lightning Elemental.

Valor Attack: Determination That Flows Within The Quiet Sea

  • First Appearance: Chaos of the Three Kingdoms
  • Description: Ken Shin rushes forward, cutting and slashing enemy soldiers in his path until he channels in ki to unleash a trailing beam of electricity that will disintegrate all enemies that get caught up in it. Lightning Elemental.

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