Ba Liang

Translated Description:

Avenger of Xu Province


Phoenix Spear




Ba Liang Army

Shu Army

First Appearance:

Chaos of the Three Kingdoms

First Playable:

Chaos of the Three Kingdoms

Ba Liang is a character that first appeared on the first Chaos of the Three Kingdoms game. He joins the Shu army after his family fell into ruin due to Sima Yi laying siege to Xu Province and turning his relatives against him. He is a loose interpretation of the Later Han warlord Tao Qian.


Ba Liang is a family leader of the Ba clan who shows fair goverance to the people of the cities of Xu Province along with his wife Wen Ying. He defends the cities of Xia Pi and Xiao Pei when they are under attacked repeatedly by dark lord Cao Cao and managed to pull off a number of victories against the Wei army. However one day, Xu province fell under siege by the Wei army who were this time led by Sima Yi and they proceed to slaughter the innocent peasants and soldiers in both Xia Pi and Xiao Pei, Sima Yi even went too far of burning down cities and brainwashed most of Ba Liang's family members, turning them against him in the process. Enraged that this Wei advisor would cause a horrific genocide on his homeland for his own enjoyment, Ba Liang was forced to flee and joined the Shu army in order to slay Sima Yi and avenge his family.


When The Rising Sunset Comes

  • First Appearance: Chaos of the Three Kingdoms
  • Description: Ba Liang charges forward with his spear at his enemies, follows up with an explosion. Fire Elemental.

Hazy Yet Vengeful

  • First Appearance: Chaos of the Three Kingdoms
  • Description: Ba Liang unleashes multiple spear jabs at his enemies, burning them. Fire Elemental.

War Path of the Phoenix

  • First Appearance: Chaos of the Three Kingdoms
  • Description: Ba Liang moves forward and twirls his spear rapidly which will juggle and set enemy soldiers ablaze if they are caught in it. Fire Elemental.

Valor Attack: The Road of Bitterness Lies Ahead

  • First Appearance: Chaos of the Three Kingdoms
  • Description: An extended version of the Hazy Yet Vengeful skill which ends with Ba Liang diving headfirst like a nuclear warhead and crash lands into enemy soldiers, wiping them out with an huge explosion. Fire Elemental.

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